SSC CGL Tier 1 Pre Imp Questions , General Awareness Model Paper 2013, SSC CGL Tier 1 Pre Answer key Test

SSC CGL Tier 1 Pre Imp Questions , General Awareness Model Paper 2013, SSC CGL Tier 1 Pre Imp Questions , General Awareness Model Paper 2013
A. General Intelligence + Reasoning  - 50  marks
B. General Awareness- 50marks
C. Quantitative Aptitude –  50 marks
D. English Comprehension -50 marks
Total Marks - 200
Duration: 02 hours

Q.1 Anna Ushenina won the wome-n's world chess championship in December 2012. She belongs to?

A) Ukraine
B) Russia
C) Bulgaria
D) Serbia
E) Romania

Q.2 Which of the following is the largest shareholder (in percentage shareholding) of a nationalized bank?
D) Govt of India 

Q.3 Which of the following places in India does not have a stock exchange?
A) Kolkata
B) Ahmedabad 
C) Mumbai 
D) Delhi 
E) Udaipur 

Q.4  What is the full form of 'ESOP'?
A) Executive Salary Options 
B) Employee Stock Ownership Plan 
C) Emergency Stock Operations
D) Early Sales Opportunities 
E) None of these

Q.5 Who has been chosen for the 2013 Abel Prize in Mathem-atics? (It is given by the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters)
A) Pierre Deligne (Belgium)
B) Jean-Pierre Serre (France) 
C) Lennart Carleson (Sweden) 
D) John Milnor (USA) 
E) None of these

Q.6 Who was named WTA Tour Pl-ayer of the Year for the fourth time on November 29, 2012?
A) Victoria Azarenka
B) Maria Sharapova 
C) Serena Williams 
D) Caroline Wozniacki
E) None

Q.7 India and which of the following countries signed a Memorandum of Unders-tanding (MoU) on bilateral air services arrangement on April 2, 2013?
A) Singapore 
2) China 
C) Japan 
E) Philippines

Q.8 Which of the following is not a member of Asian Clearing Union (ACU)?
A) India 
B) Bangladesh 
C) Nepal 
D) Pakistan 
E) Indonesia 

Q.9 'Areva' in France is associated with which of the following fields,areas?
A) Airbus industries 
B) Pharmaceuticals 
C) Textiles
D) Nuclear power 
E) Petroleum

Q.10 Currency of Russia ?
A) Rubal
B) Rupya
C) Taka
D) Dinar
E) Doller

Q.11 Pranab Sen Com-mittee is related to?
A) Inflation 
B) Slums
C) Food security
E) None of these

Q.12 Which of the follo-wing terms is used in the banking field?
A) Convolution
B) De phasing 
C) Rotation matrix 
D) Atomic number 
E) None of these 

Q.13  Kharif crops are?
A) Sown in June 
B) Wheat and Barley 
C) Sown in winter 
D) Raised in summer 
E) Both 1 and 2 

Q.14 Which of the following is a food crop?
A) Castor 
B) Palm 
C) Jute 
D) Jatropha 
E) None

Q.15 Which of the following is a private sector bank?
A) IDBI Bank
B) UCO Bank
C) IndusInd Bank 
D) Dena Bank
E) All are private banks

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