www.cucet2013.co.in CUCET 2013 – Central Universities Common Entrance Test 2013 – CUCET 2013 Online Application Form

www.cucet2013.co.in CUCET 2013 – Central Universities Common Entrance Test 2013 – CUCET 2013 Online Application Form
  • You must attend both days (all seven sessions) of UCET in order to apply for the grant.  Please list the 7 session titles that you attended.
    • Visiting the vendors may count as one session. 
    • Presenting a session may count as one session.
  • You must spend your money with a current UCET vendor.
  • Your grant must be for technology items.
  • You must sign a photo and publishing release form.
  • Amount Requested. The grant request may not exceed $1,500

  • Title-

  • Description. Enter detailed reasoning for your proposed grant.

  • How will hardware and/or software be used. Describe how students and teachers will use technology items purchased from your grant proposal.

  • Creativity and Innovation. Describe how your proposal uses educational technology in a creative and/or innovative way in your classroom, grade level, school or district.

  • Curriculum connections. How will your proposed project help student learning and achievement?

  • Number of students your proposal will impact. Describe the number of students in your grade level, school or district that your proposal will impact.

  • Involvement of School Community. Describe how your project proposal shows involvement with your school community.

  • Technical support for proposed grant items. Provide information on who will support the technology that will be purchased from this grant.

  • Matching Funds. Describe matching funds – if any – you will be receiving from your school, district, corporation, for your proposed project.

  • Itemized Budget. Enter an itemized budget for your proposed grant, including name of vendor, item #, price for each item. For your grant to be considered, all technology items MUST be available and purchased from a UCET vendor.

  • UCET Grant Rubric. All grants will be assessed using the following rubric located online at
  • Submit your proposal online:
  • Grant Proposal Deadline. March 30, 2013, 5:00 pm MST.
  • Grant Winners Presentation at Next Year’s UCET Conference. If your grant is funded, you will agree to give a 5-10 minute presentation about your project at next year’s UCET Conference.
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