Passport File Number passport india

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When you submit your passport application at a Regional Passport Office (RPO) or a post office or any other submission center, you will receive a receipt or aknowledgement. Your file number will be mentioned on the receipt (see scanned image below). The file number consists of three parts:
  • City code consisting of 3 alphabets (for example, HYD for Hyderabad)
  • Actual file number consisting of 7 alphanumeric characters (for example, R012345)
  • Year of application consisting of 2 digits (for example, 12 indicates the year 2012)
Passport File Number Example
The actual file number always begins with an alphabet and is followed by 6 digits. Also note that the year of filing the passport application could be other than the current year. For example, if the current year is 2012, but you applied for your passport in the year 2011, then the two-digit year in the file number will be 11, and not 12.
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