A Pala ruler who was raised to the throne by different sections of people
(b) Mahipala
(c) Devapala
(d) Dharmapala
Ans : (a)

After Mauryas the most important kingdom in the Deccan and Central India was that of the?
(a) Vakatakas
(b) Cholas
(c) Satavahanas
Ans : (c)

Capital of Madurai?
(b) Pallavas
(c) Pandyas
Ans : (c)

The special feature of the financial system of Vijayanagara was ?
(a) surplus revenue
(b) land tax
(c) revenue from seaports
Ans : (c)

Harihara & Bukka, founders of the Vijayanagara kingdom shaped the course of their conduct on advice of ?
(a) Vidyaranya
(b) Ranidas

Bahmani Kingdom in South India extinguished in ?
(a) beginning of 16th century
(b) end of 16th century
(c) beginning of 17th century

Satavahanas belonged to ?
(a) Maharashtra
(b) Andhra region
Ans : (b)

The capital of Kakatiya dynasty was ?
(a) Madurai
(b) Hampi
(d) Warangal
Ans : (d)

The Chola empire reached its zenith under ?
(a) Parantakal 1
(b) Raja raja
(c) Rajendra Chola I
(d) Rajendra Chola II
Ans : (c)

Krishnadevaraya was the ruler of ?
(a) Chota
(b) Babmani
c) Pallava
(d) Vijayanagar
Ans : (d)

Kanchi was the capital of which of the following rulers ?
(a) Pallavas
(b) Rashtrakutas
(c) Chalukyas
(d) Cholas
Ans : (a)

Who among the following was a Satavahana ruler?
(a) Rudradaman
(b) Nahapana
(c) Vasisthiputra Pulumayi
(d) Maltendravartnan
Ans : (c)

Ajivika sect was founded by ?
(a) Raghulabhadra
(a) Upali
(c) Makkhli Gosala
(d) Anand
Ans : (c)

The birthplace of Swami Vivekananda is in which of the following cities?
(a) Cuttack
(b) Balasore
(c) Calcutta
(d) Kushinagar
Ans : (c)

Who were the most popular Sufis?
(a) Rabin
(b) Hallaj
(c) Ghazali
(d) None of these
Ans : (a)

In systems of philosophy created by Indians, we find elements of materialistic philosophy in which system?
(a) Samkhya
(b) Yoga
Ans : (A)

To which Sufi did the famous saint of Bihar, Makhdum Shrouding Maneri belong?
(a) Chisti
(b) Kubrawi
(c) Suhrawardi
(d) Firdausi
Ans : (d)
The System of philosophy with which the name of, Kapila is prominently associated is :
(a) Samkhya
(b) Uttara Mimamsa
(c) Nyaya
Ans : (A)

The most fundamental difference between Mahayana Buddhism & Hinayana Buddhism?
(A) Worship of gods & goddesses
(B) Casteless society

Which one of the following is a language of Baluchistan but linguistically Dravidian ?
(A) Brahui
(B) Kui
(C) Parji
(D) Pengo
Ans : (A)

Earliest evidence of silver in India is found in the ?
(A)Harappan culture
(B)Chalcolithic cultures of Western India
(C)Vedic texts

Which city is considered as 1 of the oldest surviving cities in the world ?
(A) Mathura
(B) Varanasi
(C) Hardwar
(D) Ayodhya
Ans : (A)

Which monument is constructed by Sher Shah?
(A)Kila-i-Kuhna mosque, Delhi
(B)Quiwwat-al-Islam mosque, Delhi
(C)Barasona Masjid, Gaur

The name by which Ashoka is generally referred to in his inscriptions is ?
(A) Chakravarti
(B) Dharmadeva
(C) Priyadarsi
Ans : (C)

The earliest rock cut caves in western India are those at ?
(A) Nasik, Ellora and Ajanta
(B) Junnar, Kalyan and Pitalkhora
Ans : (A)

The last in succession of Jaina Tirthankaras was ?
(A) Parsvanatha
(B) Rishabha
(C) Mahavira
(D) Manisubrata
Ans : (C)

Buddhist Sect Mahayana formally came into existence during reign of ?
(A) Ajatashatru
(B) Ashoka
(C) Dharmapala
(D) Kanishka
Ans : (D)

Ryotwari settlement was introduced by the British in ?
(A) Bengal Presidency
(B) Madras Presidency
(C) Madras & Bombay Presidencies

Uplift of the backward classes was the main programme of the ?
(A) Prarthana Samaj
(B) Satya Shodhak Samaj
(C) Arya Samaj
Ans : (B)

Foundation of modern education system in India was laid by?
(A) The Charter Act of 1813
(B) Macaulay's Minutes of 1835
Ans : (B)

1st political organisation established in India in 1838 was known as?
(A) British India Society
(B) Zamindary Association
Ans : (B)

Which work is encyclopaedic in nature ?
(A) Amarakosa
(B) Siddhantasiromani
(C) Brhat Samhita
(D) Ashtangahrdaya

Ashokan inscriptions were first deciphered by ?
(A) Buhler
(B) Robert Sewell
(C) James Prinsep
(D) Codrington

Who is NOT associated with medicine in ancient India?
(A) Dhanvantri
(B) Bhaskaracharya
(C) Charaka
(D) Susruta
Ans : (B)

In Jainism 'perfect knowledge' is referred 2 as?
(A) Jina
(B) Ratna
(C) Kaivalya
(D) Nirvanas
Ans : (C)

A lot of details regarding the village administration under Cholas is provided by inscriptions at ?
(A) Thanjavur
(B) Uttaramerur
Ans : (B)

Founder of Boy Scouts and Girl Guides movement was ?
(A) Charles Andrews
(B) Robert Montgomery
(C) Richard Temple
(D) Baden Powell
Ans : (D

Hughly was used as a base for piracy in the Bay of Bengal by ?
(A) The Portuguese
(B) The French
(C) The Danish
(D) The British
Ans : (A)

The word 'Hindu' as reference to the people of Hind (India) was 1st used by ?
(A) Greeks
(B) Romans
(C) Chinese
(D) Arabs
Ans : (A)

Which territory was not affected by the revolt of 1857 ?
(A) Jhansi
(B) Jagdishpur
(C) Lucknow
(D) Chittor
Ans : (D)

The concept of Anuvrata was advocated by ?
(A) Mahayana Buddhism
(B) Hinayana Buddhism
(C) Jainism
(D) The Lokayata School
Ans : (C)

Ashtapradhan was a Council of Ministers in the?
(A) Maratha administration
(B) Chola administration
(C) Vijaynagar administration
Ans : (A)

Which monument has a dome which is said to be 1 of the largest in the world ?
(A) Gol Gumbaz, Bijapur
(B) Jama Masjid, Delhi
Ans : (A)

Mansabdari system introduced by Akbar was borrowed from system followed in?
(A) Afghanistan
(B) Turkey
(C) Mongolia
(D) Persia

The caves and rock-cut temples at Ellora are :
(A) Buddhist
(B) Buddhist & Jain
(C) Hindu & Jain
(D) Hindu, Buddhist & Jain
Ans : (D)

The first to start a joint stock company to trade with India were the ?
(A) Portuguese
(B) Dutch
(C) French
(D) Danish
Ans : (B)

Whhich lady wrote a historical account during the Mughal period ?
(A) Gulbadan Begum
(B) Noorjahan Begum
Ans : (A)

Whhich lady wrote a historical account during the Mughal period ?
(A) Gulbadan Begum
(B) Noorjahan Begum
Ans : (A)

The first Indian ruler to organize Haj pilgrimage at the expense of the state was?
(A) Alauddin Khilji
(B) Aurangzeb
(C) Akbar
Ans : (C)

Who is said to have witnessed the reigns of eight Delhi Sultans?
(A) Amir Khusrau
(B) Shams-i-siraj Afif
(C) Minhaj-us-siraj
Ans : (A)

Toramana belonged to ethnic horde of the?
(A) Scythians
(B) Hunas
(C) Yue-chis
(D) Sakas
Ans : (B)

Vidhushaka, a common character in Sanskrit drama is invariably a ?
(A) Brahmana
(B) Kshatriya
(C) Shudra
Ans : (A)

The 1st Indian ruler who joined subsidiary Alliance was?
(A) The Nawab of Oudh
(B) The Nizam of Hyderabad
(C) Peshwa Baji Rao II
Ans : (B)

Which important trade centres of ancient India was on the trade route connecting Kalyana with Vengi ?
(A) Tagara
(B) Sripura
Ans : (A)

The name of the poet Kalidas is mentioned in the ?
(A) Allahabad pillar inscription
(B) Aihole inscription
(C) Alapadu grant
Ans : (B)

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