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www.krishi.rajasthan.gov.in - krishi.rajasthan.gov.in - krishi rajasthan gov in -Rajasthan Agriculture web info - http://www.krishi.rajasthan.gov.in

The State of Rajasthan is unique in many ways. It is known not only for
its valour and famous historical places but also for its rich culture, traditions and
color as well as its biodiversity comprising both plants and animals. Rajasthan is
currently the largest State of India covering nearly 10.4 per cent of total
geographical area of the country. Nearly 65 percent of its population (56.5
million) is dependent on agriculture.
The State is presently divided into 33 administrative districts and has 10
agro-climatic zones. Agriculture in Rajasthan is primarily rainfed covering
country’s 13.27 per cent of available land. Groundwater is getting depleted as
well as polluted. In general, every third year is a drought year. Despite these,
the State has made significant achievements since independence and has
attained self-sufficiency in food-grains, both cereals and pulses. Today, the
Rajasthan State is surplus in the production of oilseeds. The State is also rich in
its agro-biodiversity and possesses some unique medicinal and aromatic plants
as well as seed spices and legumes. Desert trees and shrubs like khejadi, rohida,
phog, ker, ber etc. are indigenous to Rajasthan. The State has speciality crops
and breeds that are almost exclusive or predominantly belong to Rajasthan.
These include crops like moth, guar, coriander, cumin, fenugreek, isabgol,
mehndi, and breeds such as Rathi, Tharparkar, Kankrej, Gir, and Nagauri cattle;
Magra and Bikaneri Chokla sheep; Marwari goat and others. Nevertheless, there
is a need to capitalize on available potential of Rajasthan agriculture that
remains yet untapped. In this context, therefore, revitalization of agrarian
economy in Rajasthan is warranted.
source- http://www.krishi.rajasthan.gov.in
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