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1) Web Based State Level Call Centre:

Rajasthan will soon float a new call centre to provide services related to Mahatma Gandhi NREGS to the beneficiaries, citizens and implementing agencies.

The HIMS, "Helpdesk Cum Information Monitoring System", based in Jaipur will be used to provide correct information to stakeholders and resolve their queries and complaints related to MGNREGS. It will also assist the RD&PR Department in effective monitoring of the implementation of Scheme by interacting EGS employees working at Gram Panchayat, Block & District level on daily basis and provide root cause analysis of most frequent queries/complaints

Basic Call Centre Functionaries:

  • IVR (Interactive voice Response System)

    • IVR System helps us to hear an automated previously recorded voice. On dialing any number from mobile/ phone, various options related to Mahatma Gandhi NREGS are available and through that we can here different required information.

    • IVR System mainly helps when large number of call inflow is to be answered.

  • ACD (Automatic call Distribution)

    • It is a computerized mechanism where calls are automatically diverted to various agents sitting to receive the call. With this ACD System, caller will not have to wait for long to talk to the agent.

    • ACD help in managing and answering large call volume in small span of time.

  • Call Forwarding and Call Conferencing

    • Call Forwarding is used in cases when caller decides to talk to third person without disconnecting the call through the agent who received the call.

    • Call conferencing is a technique through which more than two people can communicate on same call.

  • Voice Logger

    • This technique is mainly for service improvisation. Through this we can hear previously recorded calls and also we can evaluate for better performance for the agents.

  • Live Call Barge in

    • Through this technique we can hear a live call. This will also help in improving customer service.

  • Real Time Reporting Dashboard

    • Through the Real time Dashboard for HIMS, we will be able to get data collection status, complaint number, their status, various alerts at Block Level, District Level and State Level.

    • This will help in monitoring at various levels and in time complaint resolution.

  • Basic Ticket Generation for Complaints

    • This facilitates the caller when caller will register the complaints. They will be provided with a complaint reference number. Through this number, caller can anytime get the status of the complaint.

We can see the real time dashboard through: www.nregahimsrajasthan.com

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